List of Kitchen Utensils – Importance and Functions

List-of-Kitchen-UtensilsKitchen utensil are one of the most needed tools for food preparation, each utensil provides different purpose. Some utensil specializes in a specific task like garlic press, which is used for crushing garlic cloves and measuring cup that is used for measuring the volume of liquid or bulk of solid particles like flour.


Below is the list of kitchen utensils which is categorized by its function.

Food Preparation Equipment


Food preparation equipment are the tools that is being used for all the steps to take place turning raw ingredients into a prepared meal that is ready for consumption. Including washing, chopping, peeling, slicing, cutting and other steps.



This is the list of kitchen utensils for food preparation:

  • Chef’s Knife– A cutting tool used in food preparation, a modern chef’s knife is a multipurpose knife that can be used in mincing, chopping, and disjointing large cut of beef which its original use before.
  • Bread Knife– Unlike chef’s knife that can be used in different varieties of cutting, Bread knife is used solely used for cutting. Bread knife has tooth like edges that differs from other knives.
  • Paring Knife– This knife is the small version of chef’s knife when it comes to multipurpose uses of cutting. But mostly it focuses on small ingredients like garlic, onion chives and many more.
  • Honing Steel/Knife Sharpener– This tool focuses on re-aligning blade edges as knives becomes blunt overtime. This tool saves you money, you just need to use this tool every time rather than buying knives every time it loses its sharpness.
  • Chopping Board/Cutting Board – Whether it is plastic o wood, this board is where a raw material will be placed for it to be cut to a specific size.
  • Kitchen Scissors– Also used for cutting varieties of food like vegetables and soft or small pieces of meat.
  • Peeler– There are different kinds of peeler, but its use is for skinning vegetables or fruits since some preferred skin off in cooking.
  • Garlic Press– Which is for crushing cloves of garlic at ease.
  • Grater– What comes to mind for most people that grater is only used for shredding cheese, but it is also used for other kinds of food like vegetables.
  • Blender– Before mortar and pestle is being used for mixing, grinding and crushing, but as technology advances, we used blender for easy usage. Some dishes require a mixture of different ingredients, its also used to purée fruits and vegetables.
  • Measuring Spoon and Cups– Used for measuring bulk of small solid particles and volume of liquids.
  • Mixing Bowl– This is used for combining or infusing a large quantity of ingredients.
  • Can Opener– Most cans are easily opened by its pin, but some does not. A can opener is used for opening sealed cans.
  • Rolling Pin– Is used to even out the surface of a dough
  • Sieve– Can be used to drain pastas, but also this is used for de-clumping powder mixtures like flour.
  • Kitchen Scales/Weighing Scales– Scales are used for measuring mass of an ingredient.

Cooking Equipment

Cooking-EquipmentCooking equipment is the preparation of food to take process either by heating, roasting, boiling, frying, steaming, smoking, or baking raw materials. This takes place after food preparation is done. Cooking is the transformation of raw food using heat to prepare for consumption.

Here is the list of kitchen utensils for cooking:

  • Frying Pan/Skillet– A flat bottomed pan used for frying, searing, and heating food.
  • Saucepans– This pan is round with high straight sides and a longer handle. A saucepan is used for preparation processes such as boiling water for making soups and sauces.
  • Potholders– Frequently made of polyester or cotton which offers a protection for holding a hot piece of equipment.
  • Ovenproof Dish– Mostly used for baking or roasting.
  • Roasting Tin– A high sided tin that is like an ovenproof dish but specializes in holding roasted dishes.
  • Stirring Spoon– Has two variations, but most people prefer wooden spoon as it does not conduct heat that much.
  • Spatula– Used for removing foods on pans
  • Tongs– Great for lifting foods from boiling waters like boiled eggs. Sometimes also used for tossing or mixing ingredients.
  • Masher– Most people used this for mashing potatoes but also used in many fruits and vegetables.
  • Oven Gloves– Oven gloves are like potholders which is a fabric to protect hand from direct heat of an equipment.
  • Food Thermometer– A tool to make sure food is cooked properly all the way thru.

Serving Equipment



Serving equipment are used once the raw material has been fully cooked and ready for consumption.


Here is the list of kitchen utensils used for serving foods

  • Ladle– Used for serving soups and foods with liquid
  • Plates– Where foods are placed once prepared
  • Pasta Fork– Has a spoon shaped image with upward pointing pieces around. This is used for serving foods into a platter rather than just a regular fork.
  • Pizza Cutter– Used for dividing flat dough into bite sized pieces.
  • Bottle Opener– This are used for serving sodas and other ingredients that is placed in a bottle.
  • Corkscrew– Most common wine bottles has a wooden cork and this tool is used for opening its cover.

Storage Equipment

Storage-EquipmentStorage equipment allows food to be eaten or used for a time. It helps reduce kitchen waste by preserving unused or uneaten foods for later use. Most of the time when placed in some containers we place this on our fridge to increase the risk of bacterial and fungal growth that may result to food poisoning.

This is the list of kitchen utensils for storing food:

  • Plastic and Glass Containers– These are used for storing leftover food to be consumed later, but it is recommended that containers must be made of glass since plastics has some harmful chemicals. Choose the right container which are microwave safe for heating foods.
  • Zip Bags– This is used for storing chunks of meat and to prevent liquid from falling to the fridge. Zip bags are also used for marinating meats.

Miscellaneous Equipment

Miscellaneous-EquipmentMiscellaneous equipment are the random things that is useful for preparing, cooking and serving food.



Below is a random list of kitchen utensils:

  • Kitchen Foil– This is mostly used for baking but also for roasting some veggies and greatly help cooking process.
  • Parchment Paper– A grease propelling sheet that is also used for baking.
  • Plastic Wrap– Plastic wrap helps fruit and veggies to stay fresh. Also, is useful for baking to set the form of the dough.


Each of this categorized list of kitchen utensils is essential in the kitchen whether it is for preparing food, cooking food, serving food, or storing food.

I hope this post helped you to know the importance and the functions of each provided list of kitchen utensils. Please do provide a list if whether you think there are some utensils to be added as a necessity in the kitchen down the comment section.

To a great life in the kitchen experience.



6 Replies to “List of Kitchen Utensils – Importance and Functions”

  1. Thanks for your complete lists. I personally like kitchen foil for baking food as it helps not only in baking but also to keep the cleanliness of our oven. Definitely a piece of important equipment in our kitchen. Thanks again.

  2. Hi
    I am inclined to think that it is easy to fall into a trap of acquiring endless kitchen utensils which are designed specifically for ever more specialized functions, while actually often a more general purpose regular tool does the job just as well, and avoids unnecessary washing up. If there was one item I could think of that was missing in your list it would be a meat tenderizer. There isn’t any other tool you could work as a substitute unless perhaps a rolling pin but not really. I guess that the blender can serve as a whisk. Though again I would often prefer a hand whisk to a blender for simple tasks.
    Best regards

    1. Thank you for that recommendation Andy, I guess you’re correct about that there are some utensils that can be used as a substitute.

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