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Small-KitchenSome lives in huge properties that is why they have plenty of space for many rooms and for every room to look beautiful. But not everyone lives in huge mansions nor own one, instead some of us lives in apartments, cramped spaced houses and normal spaced houses.

There are many ways now to bring innovation to our kitchen. The ideas for remodeling a small kitchen will help us make use of the limited space that we have while still making it appealing in the eye.

Below is the list of ideas for remodeling a small kitchen:


Keep it Bright

Keep-it-BrightPainting light colors in your kitchen makes it looks bigger, specifically with white paints. It gives this simple but elegant look in your kitchen. This is not only for your kitchen wall but also for your tiles and ceiling. If you prefer to not have carpets on your kitchen and just want the tiles to stand out, it is much better to have a large tile rather than a small one so it will make the floor much larger, It is also applicable if you want your tiles to be at different color. But you can also add a touch of a color that will blend to the color of your kitchen.


Pare it Down


Less is more nowadays, often we saved spaces for unnecessary items in the kitchen that brings out a clutter look. We do not really need that 15 bowls, 15 plates and a lot of glass ware in our kitchen. That extra plates and mugs that you have, it is not necessary and it consumes your storage space. You will be surprised of how much space you can save by clearing these things out.


Let it Splash


There will always be a free space on the kitchen wall, so you better make use of it by placing tile back splash this gives out a stylish look in your kitchen. As you install this on our kitchen wall, this will not cost us a lot since we will just place this in one small area in your kitchen. But of course, it is always up to you whether you will place this on more than one area.


Open it Up


Instead of placing kitchen cabinets and wall mounted kitchen cabinets try to replace them with shelves. This way it will expose all your goods and it will save a lot of space, since not every angle of the cabinet is being used. This will make your kitchen not only look larger but also making it classy. It will also be efficient since you can place shelves on top of shelves, shelves below shelves. It saves space and makes room for more.



Squeeze the Sink


Of course, we cannot just literally shrink the sink, but this just means that one of the space consuming object in your kitchen is the sink. Most of us has large sinks with only three people living in the house, so it is not that necessary to have a large sink installed in the house.


Make it Slide


Most of the kitchen cabinet that we have has a pull to open cabinet door, rather than having a pull to open cabinet door, try to install a sliding door. If you prefer cabinets more than shelves then this will save a lot of space also as it will not consume the open are of your kitchen as you look around for things you need on every cabinet.


Hang it Up


You can also install a pot rack; it will save a lot of space on your kitchen cabinets and other storage area.


Below are other categorized ideas for remodeling a small kitchen:

Make Use of Every Available Space

Mak-Use-of-Every-Available-SpaceThere are many available spaces that most of us do not actually use and as we make of every available space, we are also freeing up spaces where the unused items are settled before. This also leaves a space where we can use to beautify our kitchen.

  • Use Top of Cabinet and or Fridge – Most households do not use the top of their cabinets and fridge which has a lot of space. To make use of it we need to place occasionally used kitchen ware and platters on top of cabinet or fridge. That way we are making use of the free space and leaving somewhere the occasionally used kitchen ware was placed before.
  • Install Stainless Steel Hanging Dry Rack – Instead of using dish dryer that is placed on counter tops or besides the sink, the best way to do is place a stainless steel hanging dry rack above the sink. That way we are not only freeing up space but also once dishes are clean it will just fall off the kitchen sink, so no need to worry wiping it.
  • Use Kitchen Cabinet Door – Rather than using only the flat surface of the inside of the cabinet door, you can make use of the inside and outside also by putting wire frame holder. You can place pot lids, canister lids and another flat surfaced kitchen ware. By doing this we are leaving space for the inside of the cabinet so we can put more kitchen stuffs into it.
  • Install Kitchen Island – Rather than having a separate room for dining which can consume space we can have a dining area into our kitchen area. Not only we are freeing up a whole room for our house, also it will be at ease serving food since the cooking area is near the counter top where you can eat.


Get Organized


After making use of every available space in our kitchen we need to get organized. By doing this, we are not only clearing out the clutters in our kitchen to save more space again, but also making our kitchen look neat and appealing in the eye.


  • Place Rotating Kitchen Storage – Have you ever reached into your kitchen cabinet and you need to pull out some condiments and other things, but it is too far? and you cannot see it? We tend to first get the things in front of us, just for us to reach the other end where the condiment or things we need is placed. What we can do is place a rotating kitchen storage above the fridge, inside the kitchen cabinet, above the kitchen cabinet and on top of shelves. That way we can just easily get the condiment we need by spinning it.
  • Remove Clutters – Most of us has some unnecessary things in the kitchen cabinet or the kitchen itself. This could be expired items, a pack of opened unused goods or some rarely used equipment. It will free space and it will make your kitchen neat.
  • Use Transparent Containers – Whether it is canisters or topper wares it needs to be transparent so we can easily determine the product that is inside. That way we can easily get the things we need and there is no need to open all of it just to see what is inside.


Live out the ideas

These are only ideas; it is up to you whether you will use this or not. This is just a guide for you to have an idea, whether it is full remodeling of your kitchen or just making your place much more appealing. There are many more ideas out there that is not listed on this post and I will be happier to check those out. Leave your remodeling a small kitchen idea down the comment section

To a Life in the Kitchen Experience,


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