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Love-of-a-13-Year-OldHi everyone, my name is Mark and welcome to my Kitchen Necessities website. I find the kitchen a comfortable place to be in, it gives me solitude and happiness every time I step on its floor, that I discovered at the age of 13. This is because of a series of Cartoon Network which is Chowder. The series revolves around Chowder who loves to be in the kitchen all the time, his favorite thing to do in the kitchen is to cook. Everyday Chowder craves a life in the kitchen.

A Brief Story About Me


Growing up cooking has been a passion of mine, but just like Chowder I am not that good of a cook, but what I am really great at is eating the prepared food. My love for the kitchen and cooking made me watch food related videos on internet and television. Food comes from the kitchen so most of the content I watched are kitchen renovation, food contests, tasting food around the world and my favorite is just preparing comfort food for love ones, since I grew up in a family-oriented environment.



Watching these contents made me try to explore life in the kitchen by cooking foods or trying out recipes. But unfortunately, there is only limited things for me to try out, since we lack necessary tools and equipment’s for me to finish the chosen food I want to try. Like fridge to chill food, oven to heat food, different pots and pans for different dishes. So, I realized limited resources results to limited possibilities. Like in art you need to have resources for you to create your masterpiece.

A Masterpiece


A masterpiece is a creation, creation made by you, you need to have necessary resources for you to produce a masterpiece. Just like in art without resources there will be no result.

Every masterpiece requires different resources, like in food there are different resources needed in soups, desserts, main course, appetizers and many more it meets different needs for process and necessary equipment for that process to take place.


Start-of-a-ConversationYour creation creates happiness to you and to others once you get the result. Little do you know your masterpiece is a start of a good conversation, a good laugh and a good time with family and friends as you present this to them.




In gatherings or occasions the star is always the course it might be that stuffed turkey, it might be that pasta and it might be many more of your creation. Your masterpiece lit up a spark to a fuel that creates fire. In other words, it is something that start up a good day, a good night or a good time with yourself and your love ones.

You create happiness thru your creation. A happiness that comes from the food, food that comes from your kitchen.

A Life in the Kitchen


A life in the kitchen does not only mean you cook food and you have resources. It also means that you need to find comfort, happiness and a heaven on earth feeling every time you step on its floor. You are not only creating happiness after you step out of the kitchen floor, but also while in it.

In a workplace ambience plays a role which can affect productivity and effectiveness of workers. We tend to be productive if we feel comfortable in our working environment. As well as in the kitchen we need to have the preferred ambience for us to be comfortable, resulting to enthusiasm every time we will work on the kitchen floor.

Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate

Life-in-the-KitchenMeaning that you express love in the simplest things you present to your loved ones, not only by words but by a gesture, a gesture of love. It is a start of one’s smile, isn’t it lovely to cook for someone you love, for friend or for family?

Whether you are cooking for yourself, cooking for others and cooking with others, there will always be life, a life in the kitchen for you and I


To the best life in the kitchen experience


Founder of mykitchennecessities.com

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