Small Kitchen Island Ideas – Design and Benefits

Kitchen-IslandA lot of people think that bigger houses are a lot easier to find new ideas, ways and designs to make the place much better. But, this also applies to small and regular houses, as time passes by, ideas, ways and innovation can be applied to a wide angle. Kitchen island ideas pertain to all shapes and sizes of every household, the title just gives us a glance that designs and ideas does not stop if you have small home or if you only have little room for your kitchen and dining area. Possibilities does not stop as innovation takes place every day so most things now are diverse.

Small kitchen island ideas will help you find that possibility in your home or in your kitchen. Giving you a place where you can be proud of having, a place where you can be comfortable in, and a home where it is space friendly. You let your visitors, friends and family see eye-catching spot in your home. Yes! Not only does a kitchen island save space, but also it can be a piece or a center of attraction in your kitchen.

I will walk you thru the benefits, designs, purpose and the beauty of having an island within your home or your kitchen.

An Island Up Ahead

An-Island-Up-AheadWhenever friends or family visits for a small gathering or just a simple lunch, dinner or breakfast they always tend to go to the kitchen while you are preparing food for everyone. Chit chats, small talks, sitting on the counter top and getting comfortable are one of the scenarios that happen every time someone comes over your home. They often leave the kitchen empty while food is being prepared and will just take over the space once food is already cooked.

Your Island Designs


An island varies from all forms of shapes and sizes and your island can be as unique as you want. Since your island is also a product of your own perspective on what it should be. Your island differs from others, in terms of your own choice of counter tops; Concrete counter top, Quartz counter top, Granite counter top, Butcher block counter top, Marble counter top, Tile counter top, Recycled Glass counter top, Reclaimed wood counter top, Stainless steel counter top and Porcelain counter top. It differs from its Purpose; Single purpose, Double purpose or multipurpose design. Lastly it differs from its size

I will walk you thru those differences that is listed above for you to have a comparison on what you prefer your island too like.

Choice of Counter tops

Your island can differ from the kind of counter top you prefer, where each one has its own unique capabilities, design and style to make your kitchen look more captivating, since an island has more capabilities than just saving a lot of space, and that is what we will be discussing later. For you to know what best fit counter top you prefer for your island, I made a description for every kind of counter top listed below. Let’s get to know


Concrete Counter tops – This type of counter top blends well at home, it can be made thinner resulting to a lighter weight. It can be applied for both kitchen and bathroom because of its durability and customizing capabilities. This counter top can be produced in array of colors and mostly personalized by home-owners thru adding pieces of preferred design which can be embedded shells, colored glass, different kinds of stones, marbles and many more.



Quartz Counter tops – This counter top is also one of the most durable kind of counter top or material available. Which comes in many colors ranging between light to dark colors. The small particles of quartz is mixed with polyester resin binder to hold it and with pigment to give the rich color. This counter top is similar to the finished texture of granite and gloss of polished stone. Quartz counter top is resistant from scratches and it is non-porous, so resistant to stains and bacteria and easy to clean.



Granite Counter tops – This counter top is the most elegant looking counter top which also has a high level of durability. It is an Eco friendly counter top since it is a natural stone. Granite started as a magma that has cooled down therefore the main color it provides are pinkish, red, black and white. But there is still many variations of colors you can choose.



Butcher Block Counter tops – This kind of counter top is popular in the kitchen since it is excellent for food preparation. Natural wood provides a warm environment in the kitchen it goes well with many furniture.




Marble Counter tops – This counter top also provides elegance in the kitchen floor and when paired with the best décor results are one of a kind. This kind of counter top makes your kitchen sparkle, color and kinds of marble grains is different so this counter top is quite unique. Marble counter tops has unsurpassed beauty, fits well with modern and classic designs and has excellent resistance to heat.



Tile Counter tops – This counter tops is one of the most versatile material since it can be customized thru different styles, sizes, shapes and color you want. This is easy to clean and has many options when it comes to style.



Recycled Glass Counter tops – This counter tops is very durable and strong, its style fits this modern times. It is non-porous and easy to clean and maintain. Every recycled glass has its own unique designs since some material differs in size, shape, color and size.



Reclaimed Wood Counter tops – This counter top is Eco friendly and has an eye catching beauty. A natural material with wide variety of colors and style that can be applied to your island. It offers a welcome in the kitchen with its historical material.




Stainless steel Counter tops – This counter top also provides real class elegance which complements appliances, furniture and modern design. Stainless steel also has a dependable durability and cleanliness that is used in many restaurants and other professional kitchens.



Porcelain Counter tops – This counter top is one of the most used in interior design. Porcelain comes in different colors, patterns and has a marble look. Porcelain, can be recycled and clean up is easy. Its lightweight but really durable and is quite stronger than granite.


Of course you can also combine on, two or three materials as you prefer. Like if you have a stove top it can be built by a marble counter top as the material is resistant to heat and the other side can be built by tile as it has a versatility to offer different styles and designs.

Differs from its Purpose

Kitchen-PurposeYour islands serving purpose makes it unique from other island as well, since your island can be a single purpose island, double purpose or a multipurpose island. For you to be enlighten I list out these purposes and the definition of each. So Let’s get rolling!

  • Single Purpose Island – This just means it only has one capability in the kitchen which can be just an additional counter top. It only serve one purpose in the kitchen floor which can still be useful, as some spaces in then kitchen counter is filled with some appliances and utensils.
  • Double Purpose Island – It can be a combination of this three; Additional storage, counter top and a dining area. Most kitchen island are like that, it serves double purpose in the island which can be a storage and counter top, a dining area and a counter top, a dining area and a storage area.
  • Multipurpose Island – This part is where it serves a lot of things by utilizing one space in the kitchen. A multipurpose island can have all the three listed in the second bullet and it still can have additional purposes like with a stove top, with a sink and with some other decors.

Differs from its Size

Differs-from-SizeYes we are still talking about small kitchen island ideas, and your island can vary from the size that you prefer it to have. A standard 42 inches of spacing in front of your appliances and cabinet doors for two people to fit and pass each other at the same time while cooking, preparing a meal or just washing dishes. Kitchen counter tops are standard of 36 inches in height and depth of cabinetry is 24 inches deep. The depth will change depending on the type of seating you want to place to your kitchen island. Bar height from 36 to 42 inches, dining height from 29-30inch and most preferable is counter height from the standard 36 inches.

The Island Benefits


We already checked upon the island designs and each design has its own benefits, from the choice of counter tops, the purpose you want your island to have and the size you want your island to be. Your island, benefits also from this three, as it serves its role in the kitchen. If you choose the right counter top from your island it brings an inviting and warm ambiance in your kitchen. The serving purpose which provides you array of options for what you want your island to have as it saves space and bring uniqueness to your kitchen with your preferred combination. The size that you want your island to be, can give you a different feeling based on your desired comfort.

Enjoy the Island Experience


I hope that by this time you already have an idea of what you want your island to look like. If you already want to have an island in your kitchen, you can look forward to the benefits that came along with it. You can now enjoy an island experience with family, friends and loved one’s while in the kitchen. Laughs, conversations, bonding while cooking, getting comfortable and having a great time, as you are now in the same room with them. Most people think that the living room is where the magic happens when it comes to bonding, but they are neglecting the small things that comes from the kitchen. Now that magic can be in your kitchen.

A Look Back at Your Island

Now you already know what an island is, its designs and the benefits that it can provide. Again an island is not only applicable for a small home, this just gives you a perspective that an island is not only for bigger houses but also for different sorts, size and types of house there is. As technology advances so does innovation that is diverse, so take a look back for you can have an island of your own.

If there are some suggestions you want to add up as a small kitchen island ideas please do not hesitate to leave a comment below and I will check them out as soon as possible.

To a great life in the kitchen experience,


Ideas for Remodeling a Small Kitchen – Small Kitchen Ideas

Small-KitchenSome lives in huge properties that is why they have plenty of space for many rooms and for every room to look beautiful. But not everyone lives in huge mansions nor own one, instead some of us lives in apartments, cramped spaced houses and normal spaced houses.

There are many ways now to bring innovation to our kitchen. The ideas for remodeling a small kitchen will help us make use of the limited space that we have while still making it appealing in the eye.

Below is the list of ideas for remodeling a small kitchen:


Keep it Bright

Keep-it-BrightPainting light colors in your kitchen makes it looks bigger, specifically with white paints. It gives this simple but elegant look in your kitchen. This is not only for your kitchen wall but also for your tiles and ceiling. If you prefer to not have carpets on your kitchen and just want the tiles to stand out, it is much better to have a large tile rather than a small one so it will make the floor much larger, It is also applicable if you want your tiles to be at different color. But you can also add a touch of a color that will blend to the color of your kitchen.


Pare it Down


Less is more nowadays, often we saved spaces for unnecessary items in the kitchen that brings out a clutter look. We do not really need that 15 bowls, 15 plates and a lot of glass ware in our kitchen. That extra plates and mugs that you have, it is not necessary and it consumes your storage space. You will be surprised of how much space you can save by clearing these things out.


Let it Splash


There will always be a free space on the kitchen wall, so you better make use of it by placing tile back splash this gives out a stylish look in your kitchen. As you install this on our kitchen wall, this will not cost us a lot since we will just place this in one small area in your kitchen. But of course, it is always up to you whether you will place this on more than one area.


Open it Up


Instead of placing kitchen cabinets and wall mounted kitchen cabinets try to replace them with shelves. This way it will expose all your goods and it will save a lot of space, since not every angle of the cabinet is being used. This will make your kitchen not only look larger but also making it classy. It will also be efficient since you can place shelves on top of shelves, shelves below shelves. It saves space and makes room for more.



Squeeze the Sink


Of course, we cannot just literally shrink the sink, but this just means that one of the space consuming object in your kitchen is the sink. Most of us has large sinks with only three people living in the house, so it is not that necessary to have a large sink installed in the house.


Make it Slide


Most of the kitchen cabinet that we have has a pull to open cabinet door, rather than having a pull to open cabinet door, try to install a sliding door. If you prefer cabinets more than shelves then this will save a lot of space also as it will not consume the open are of your kitchen as you look around for things you need on every cabinet.


Hang it Up


You can also install a pot rack; it will save a lot of space on your kitchen cabinets and other storage area.


Below are other categorized ideas for remodeling a small kitchen:

Make Use of Every Available Space

Mak-Use-of-Every-Available-SpaceThere are many available spaces that most of us do not actually use and as we make of every available space, we are also freeing up spaces where the unused items are settled before. This also leaves a space where we can use to beautify our kitchen.

  • Use Top of Cabinet and or Fridge – Most households do not use the top of their cabinets and fridge which has a lot of space. To make use of it we need to place occasionally used kitchen ware and platters on top of cabinet or fridge. That way we are making use of the free space and leaving somewhere the occasionally used kitchen ware was placed before.
  • Install Stainless Steel Hanging Dry Rack – Instead of using dish dryer that is placed on counter tops or besides the sink, the best way to do is place a stainless steel hanging dry rack above the sink. That way we are not only freeing up space but also once dishes are clean it will just fall off the kitchen sink, so no need to worry wiping it.
  • Use Kitchen Cabinet Door – Rather than using only the flat surface of the inside of the cabinet door, you can make use of the inside and outside also by putting wire frame holder. You can place pot lids, canister lids and another flat surfaced kitchen ware. By doing this we are leaving space for the inside of the cabinet so we can put more kitchen stuffs into it.
  • Install Kitchen Island – Rather than having a separate room for dining which can consume space we can have a dining area into our kitchen area. Not only we are freeing up a whole room for our house, also it will be at ease serving food since the cooking area is near the counter top where you can eat.


Get Organized


After making use of every available space in our kitchen we need to get organized. By doing this, we are not only clearing out the clutters in our kitchen to save more space again, but also making our kitchen look neat and appealing in the eye.


  • Place Rotating Kitchen Storage – Have you ever reached into your kitchen cabinet and you need to pull out some condiments and other things, but it is too far? and you cannot see it? We tend to first get the things in front of us, just for us to reach the other end where the condiment or things we need is placed. What we can do is place a rotating kitchen storage above the fridge, inside the kitchen cabinet, above the kitchen cabinet and on top of shelves. That way we can just easily get the condiment we need by spinning it.
  • Remove Clutters – Most of us has some unnecessary things in the kitchen cabinet or the kitchen itself. This could be expired items, a pack of opened unused goods or some rarely used equipment. It will free space and it will make your kitchen neat.
  • Use Transparent Containers – Whether it is canisters or topper wares it needs to be transparent so we can easily determine the product that is inside. That way we can easily get the things we need and there is no need to open all of it just to see what is inside.


Live out the ideas

These are only ideas; it is up to you whether you will use this or not. This is just a guide for you to have an idea, whether it is full remodeling of your kitchen or just making your place much more appealing. There are many more ideas out there that is not listed on this post and I will be happier to check those out. Leave your remodeling a small kitchen idea down the comment section

To a Life in the Kitchen Experience,


List of Kitchen Utensils – Importance and Functions

List-of-Kitchen-UtensilsKitchen utensil are one of the most needed tools for food preparation, each utensil provides different purpose. Some utensil specializes in a specific task like garlic press, which is used for crushing garlic cloves and measuring cup that is used for measuring the volume of liquid or bulk of solid particles like flour.


Below is the list of kitchen utensils which is categorized by its function.

Food Preparation Equipment


Food preparation equipment are the tools that is being used for all the steps to take place turning raw ingredients into a prepared meal that is ready for consumption. Including washing, chopping, peeling, slicing, cutting and other steps.



This is the list of kitchen utensils for food preparation:

  • Chef’s Knife– A cutting tool used in food preparation, a modern chef’s knife is a multipurpose knife that can be used in mincing, chopping, and disjointing large cut of beef which its original use before.
  • Bread Knife– Unlike chef’s knife that can be used in different varieties of cutting, Bread knife is used solely used for cutting. Bread knife has tooth like edges that differs from other knives.
  • Paring Knife– This knife is the small version of chef’s knife when it comes to multipurpose uses of cutting. But mostly it focuses on small ingredients like garlic, onion chives and many more.
  • Honing Steel/Knife Sharpener– This tool focuses on re-aligning blade edges as knives becomes blunt overtime. This tool saves you money, you just need to use this tool every time rather than buying knives every time it loses its sharpness.
  • Chopping Board/Cutting Board – Whether it is plastic o wood, this board is where a raw material will be placed for it to be cut to a specific size.
  • Kitchen Scissors– Also used for cutting varieties of food like vegetables and soft or small pieces of meat.
  • Peeler– There are different kinds of peeler, but its use is for skinning vegetables or fruits since some preferred skin off in cooking.
  • Garlic Press– Which is for crushing cloves of garlic at ease.
  • Grater– What comes to mind for most people that grater is only used for shredding cheese, but it is also used for other kinds of food like vegetables.
  • Blender– Before mortar and pestle is being used for mixing, grinding and crushing, but as technology advances, we used blender for easy usage. Some dishes require a mixture of different ingredients, its also used to purée fruits and vegetables.
  • Measuring Spoon and Cups– Used for measuring bulk of small solid particles and volume of liquids.
  • Mixing Bowl– This is used for combining or infusing a large quantity of ingredients.
  • Can Opener– Most cans are easily opened by its pin, but some does not. A can opener is used for opening sealed cans.
  • Rolling Pin– Is used to even out the surface of a dough
  • Sieve– Can be used to drain pastas, but also this is used for de-clumping powder mixtures like flour.
  • Kitchen Scales/Weighing Scales– Scales are used for measuring mass of an ingredient.

Cooking Equipment

Cooking-EquipmentCooking equipment is the preparation of food to take process either by heating, roasting, boiling, frying, steaming, smoking, or baking raw materials. This takes place after food preparation is done. Cooking is the transformation of raw food using heat to prepare for consumption.

Here is the list of kitchen utensils for cooking:

  • Frying Pan/Skillet– A flat bottomed pan used for frying, searing, and heating food.
  • Saucepans– This pan is round with high straight sides and a longer handle. A saucepan is used for preparation processes such as boiling water for making soups and sauces.
  • Potholders– Frequently made of polyester or cotton which offers a protection for holding a hot piece of equipment.
  • Ovenproof Dish– Mostly used for baking or roasting.
  • Roasting Tin– A high sided tin that is like an ovenproof dish but specializes in holding roasted dishes.
  • Stirring Spoon– Has two variations, but most people prefer wooden spoon as it does not conduct heat that much.
  • Spatula– Used for removing foods on pans
  • Tongs– Great for lifting foods from boiling waters like boiled eggs. Sometimes also used for tossing or mixing ingredients.
  • Masher– Most people used this for mashing potatoes but also used in many fruits and vegetables.
  • Oven Gloves– Oven gloves are like potholders which is a fabric to protect hand from direct heat of an equipment.
  • Food Thermometer– A tool to make sure food is cooked properly all the way thru.

Serving Equipment



Serving equipment are used once the raw material has been fully cooked and ready for consumption.


Here is the list of kitchen utensils used for serving foods

  • Ladle– Used for serving soups and foods with liquid
  • Plates– Where foods are placed once prepared
  • Pasta Fork– Has a spoon shaped image with upward pointing pieces around. This is used for serving foods into a platter rather than just a regular fork.
  • Pizza Cutter– Used for dividing flat dough into bite sized pieces.
  • Bottle Opener– This are used for serving sodas and other ingredients that is placed in a bottle.
  • Corkscrew– Most common wine bottles has a wooden cork and this tool is used for opening its cover.

Storage Equipment

Storage-EquipmentStorage equipment allows food to be eaten or used for a time. It helps reduce kitchen waste by preserving unused or uneaten foods for later use. Most of the time when placed in some containers we place this on our fridge to increase the risk of bacterial and fungal growth that may result to food poisoning.

This is the list of kitchen utensils for storing food:

  • Plastic and Glass Containers– These are used for storing leftover food to be consumed later, but it is recommended that containers must be made of glass since plastics has some harmful chemicals. Choose the right container which are microwave safe for heating foods.
  • Zip Bags– This is used for storing chunks of meat and to prevent liquid from falling to the fridge. Zip bags are also used for marinating meats.

Miscellaneous Equipment

Miscellaneous-EquipmentMiscellaneous equipment are the random things that is useful for preparing, cooking and serving food.



Below is a random list of kitchen utensils:

  • Kitchen Foil– This is mostly used for baking but also for roasting some veggies and greatly help cooking process.
  • Parchment Paper– A grease propelling sheet that is also used for baking.
  • Plastic Wrap– Plastic wrap helps fruit and veggies to stay fresh. Also, is useful for baking to set the form of the dough.


Each of this categorized list of kitchen utensils is essential in the kitchen whether it is for preparing food, cooking food, serving food, or storing food.

I hope this post helped you to know the importance and the functions of each provided list of kitchen utensils. Please do provide a list if whether you think there are some utensils to be added as a necessity in the kitchen down the comment section.

To a great life in the kitchen experience.



About Us

Love-of-a-13-Year-OldHi everyone, my name is Mark and welcome to my Kitchen Necessities website. I find the kitchen a comfortable place to be in, it gives me solitude and happiness every time I step on its floor, that I discovered at the age of 13. This is because of a series of Cartoon Network which is Chowder. The series revolves around Chowder who loves to be in the kitchen all the time, his favorite thing to do in the kitchen is to cook. Everyday Chowder craves a life in the kitchen.

A Brief Story About Me


Growing up cooking has been a passion of mine, but just like Chowder I am not that good of a cook, but what I am really great at is eating the prepared food. My love for the kitchen and cooking made me watch food related videos on internet and television. Food comes from the kitchen so most of the content I watched are kitchen renovation, food contests, tasting food around the world and my favorite is just preparing comfort food for love ones, since I grew up in a family-oriented environment.



Watching these contents made me try to explore life in the kitchen by cooking foods or trying out recipes. But unfortunately, there is only limited things for me to try out, since we lack necessary tools and equipment’s for me to finish the chosen food I want to try. Like fridge to chill food, oven to heat food, different pots and pans for different dishes. So, I realized limited resources results to limited possibilities. Like in art you need to have resources for you to create your masterpiece.

A Masterpiece


A masterpiece is a creation, creation made by you, you need to have necessary resources for you to produce a masterpiece. Just like in art without resources there will be no result.

Every masterpiece requires different resources, like in food there are different resources needed in soups, desserts, main course, appetizers and many more it meets different needs for process and necessary equipment for that process to take place.


Start-of-a-ConversationYour creation creates happiness to you and to others once you get the result. Little do you know your masterpiece is a start of a good conversation, a good laugh and a good time with family and friends as you present this to them.




In gatherings or occasions the star is always the course it might be that stuffed turkey, it might be that pasta and it might be many more of your creation. Your masterpiece lit up a spark to a fuel that creates fire. In other words, it is something that start up a good day, a good night or a good time with yourself and your love ones.

You create happiness thru your creation. A happiness that comes from the food, food that comes from your kitchen.

A Life in the Kitchen


A life in the kitchen does not only mean you cook food and you have resources. It also means that you need to find comfort, happiness and a heaven on earth feeling every time you step on its floor. You are not only creating happiness after you step out of the kitchen floor, but also while in it.

In a workplace ambience plays a role which can affect productivity and effectiveness of workers. We tend to be productive if we feel comfortable in our working environment. As well as in the kitchen we need to have the preferred ambience for us to be comfortable, resulting to enthusiasm every time we will work on the kitchen floor.

Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate

Life-in-the-KitchenMeaning that you express love in the simplest things you present to your loved ones, not only by words but by a gesture, a gesture of love. It is a start of one’s smile, isn’t it lovely to cook for someone you love, for friend or for family?

Whether you are cooking for yourself, cooking for others and cooking with others, there will always be life, a life in the kitchen for you and I


To the best life in the kitchen experience


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